The customer journey has changed. The internet together with its connected digital information & communication technologies, including the plethora of social media platforms, has given your customer a purchasing intelligence, opportunity and power they never had before as they find, learn, compare, shop, engage and communicate online.


And while Real Estate is still first & foremost about relationships, with the most effective of those forged face-to-face, the new & evolving 'online frontier' where business is being found, engaged and won, is changing the paradigm for how Real Estate salespeople stay effective and competitive in marketing both themselves and a vendors property.

Technologies of Communication
A Changing Business Landscape

We are in a time of unparalleled change...The rise and evolution of the internet and its digital media technologies have undisputedly changed, and will continue to change, how we live, work and play.

So far as work is concerned, my role is to help you understand, use and integrate the most appropriate of those digital media and marketing technologies to reach and find more customers, to be at the forefront of those technologies to win over your vendors, to transact more sales, and to engage a level of respect, care and communication with your customers that wins their repeat business and the business of their social network through advocacy.

Your customer already knows what most businesses don't know - that the internet has given the balance of power back to the customer because online they can find, learn, engage, compare, review and shop at the click of a mouse button – they don't even have to engage a salesperson, but if and when they do, they will have more market and product intelligence than you will probably give them credit for.

They have a purchase intelligence, opportunity and ability they never had before, well at least before the early 90's. Nothing has closed the gap on purchasing intelligence and opportunity like the internet.

So smart businesses are quickly finding out that they need to be where their customers are...and their customers are online talking, sharing, shopping, comparing, reviewing and purchasing - and over 50% are doing it on a mobile device. Knowledge is power and consumers have more knowledge now than ever before, in fact they have access to the sum total of all humanities recorded knowledge...and it's all at the click of a mouse button.

So my role is to put your you in front of more customers and a bigger audience more of the time to effect more sales. Using strategic, creative and engaging marketing content within the vast array of digital media platforms, I'll help you find, reach and engage a new business audience at the same time allowing you maintain those relationships for valued and continued business.

The net result of the work I do will not just be more sales, it will be a sustainable, more profitable, and more enjoyable business to have and to work in. Technology has changed so much about how we do business, so I'll put you right there at the leading edge to win more of it.

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My Real Estate career started in 1988, I was 26, we didn't have computers, email, or digital marketing, but the same rules of business still applied. Today, business is even easier because technology has made it so and even more than that, because very few of your competitor agents have embraced technology and have failed to understand what point of difference is and how to go about showing it.

Back then, and at that age, you could readily afford the sacrifices that being successful in business demands, you have the energy, the enthusiasm, and the drive to keep working harder, longer, and to keep learning and pushing boundaries, and for some - making mistakes. But somewhere down the track there is a fusion, a fusion of the knowledge that comes from all the theory, with the experience that comes from all the practice, with the good judgment that comes from a life respectfully and discernibly lived. That fusion is Wisdom. Wisdom makes you smarter, more effective and more respectful. Wisdom has no shortcuts.

There are many trainers and coaches in Real Estate as there is in business and in life. My difference is combining the wisdom I have gathered, with that of others collected along the way, with the passion and the skills few speakers have in not just educating and inspiring an audience, but to further engage, compel and motivate them long after an event has finished.

My passion and expertise is relationships. Relationships determine the outcomes in your life as the do in your business and at the heart of all your success in Real relationships.  


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Wherever you market and/or advertise a product for sale, there's a lot of noise...noise from everyone doing the same thing the same way - competing. What is changing through our technology/digital revolution is how much more creative and innovative we can be to find, engage and win business. The Real Estate Agent of today needs to be so much more than an excellent communicator and 'salesman', you must also be an expert marketer...of both yourself and of Real Estate. More than ever you can stand out, and you need to stand out.

And the opportunities are just tremendous, none more so than because there is such a reluctance from within industry for salespeople to be that savvy, creative, media smart marketer. And the reality is that, that is what we are selling to a vendor!

But of course, before you can show anyone how good you are, and can be for them, you have to be sitting next to them and they have to be listening. What my 28 years of Real Estate, Business, Marketing and Customer experience has done, is combine the ancient art of relationships with our modern day technologies to find, engage, and win that business.


All business start with marketing because no matter what you are selling you can't sell a secret. As a Real Estate salesperson, you are the product for sale...this is what a vendor is buying. This is not an industry for the shrinking violet or the introverted. You must stand out, be innovative, be different, be excited, while staying genuine and sincere. I teach you how to stand out and where and when to do it! The best in our industry attract business, they don't fight for it like the most do.

Everything you do in business, as in Real Estate, is relationship based, and not one relationship opportunity is more critical than the one you have with a prospective Vendor. The strength of the relationship you are able to build is where the connection is made and where you win the listing - fullstop. Sadly though, almost all salespeople fight for the listing on the same terms - service, ability, success's, team, advertising, commitment, fees...blah blah blah. You don't sell yourself, people buy you, and that's what I teach and that will always be your point of difference, or indifference, whatever the case may be.